Goal Mapping

I met Brian Mayne about 20 years ago, as he embarked on his mission to lift millions of lives. I was so impressed that I became a certified goal mapping practitioner. His approach is really transformative, the Goal Mapping workshops for BUSINESS I found it to be a particularly powerful tool in helping teams align and get their passion out in the open. I can honestly say that after many years of participation in standard jaded “away-days” this approach wakes people up!

What is Goal Mapping

GM is a technique for reviewing and revisiting our priorities in life and work, usually a one day course, focused on helping people learn how to steer change towards the direction of their desires, through the process and technology of Goal Mapping.

I have run some major goal mapping interventions at conferences of 500+ people, but I do prefer to work with small leadership teams, who may be struggling to find a way forward in todays very challenging environment.

I highly recommend Brian’s books, if you would like to learn more they are available on his website linked below.

Brian Mayne Goal Mapping

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