There is a familiar saying – “its lonely at the top” – it says it all. 

What is not so often heard is “its even lonelier being the senior woman”

Once you have had an RTT® session to dissolve some of your blockers, coaching becomes massively productive, another life-changer and career changer.

I no longer offer coaching or mentoring, but I know some great people who do; people who have worked in the Tech sector, people who have delivered amazing transformations.

I highly recommend Intaconsult for their years of experience, and their achievements in the tech sector; for example Lindsay has been an IT director, a Transformation Director and an HR Director in a number of global blue chip organisations, and she is also a highly qualified Executive Coach.

Find more information here:

They also offer a free e-book on coaching – check it out

I feel there is no greater benefit to society than to unlock the potential of leaders to invigorate their lives, their enterprises and the wider touch points they make.

An enlightened leader ensures that their organisation is characterised by competent, committed and highly effective staff. As we know such passionate people are every organisation’s true competitive advantage, and the ripple effect of their talent is to grow more talent.

You may feel that this level of self-investment is a kind of luxury, that you can’t have time for it, it’s not a priority for you…………

The science is proving you wrong – mind and body are not two separate systems, and there is some extra-ordinary science that can demonstrate that – breathing is a good example:

Shallow breathing affects the mind, the adrenaline levels and the immune system; the mind affect the breathing, and so the circle of stress continues. It becomes automatic but it reduces your long-term performance and your enjoyment of life generally.

Blocks can occur in any system, at any time, at any age and in any area of life. Help yourself by doing a brief review your self-care for a more creative, open style of moving forward your career, business and your life.

There are some awesome people out there teaching the new science and its implications for you. The power of your mind is so much greater than you previously may have thought. Here is a small selection of my recommended reading, useful if you truly want to explore the leading edge:

The 100 year life – Gratton & Scott

The Second Mountain – David Brooks

The Science of Self-Empowerment – Greg Braden

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

You are the Placebo – Dr Joe Dispenza

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