Rapid Transformation

I provide specialist Personal Transformation programmes for Women in Tech, programmes that change people –  to set them free from hidden success blocks, and empower them to change their businesses, organisations, social groups, industry and wider human communities for the betterment of everyone.

I am passionate about delivering a service which helps women overcome their subconscious challenges, so that they can fulfil their potential in the workplace, in their professional relationships, and in their personal family lives. These women are changing the world and demonstrating a new way of living to the world in the 21st century.

I am one of the trailblazers – with 40 years experience in the tech sector, 20 years at executive level in global businesses,  I have witnessed the challenges of having to be “superwoman” and the toll it takes.  I was very successful, but my biggest block was ME! That nagging doubt, the need to be perfect, the juggling of priorities was a constant weight.  Coaches just meant lots of talking and no answers, mentors were mostly men who didn’t get it, personal development and management training didn’t change how I felt inside. Now I know better. RTT® changes your subconscious programming – you can throw off that unwanted burden of self-doubt and fly. Let me show you how to do it.


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Struggling to break through the glass ceiling? Are you holding yourself back?

Not deliberately, but somehow you can’t relax, you can’t switch off, and you don’t give yourself a pat on the back. And sometimes you don’t push yourself forward to lead new things.

Perhaps you don’t sleep well, or struggle with relationships. Can you stop your mind from whirring like a crazy computer? But find it hard to concentrate?  Or it feels like you are on a hamster wheel and you can’t get off?

Here’s the good news – you can change it, so that you get the live the life you deserve. A life where your intelligence, hard work and amazing results are appreciated and rewarded. A life where you work but also enjoy relaxing, keeping healthy, having fun.

An RTT® session takes about 2 hours to address the root cause of your challenges and has a big impact on how you “see” life, and therefore how you make life work for you.

It’s time to invest in you

Personal Transformation services


The therapy that is taking the world by storm. 

Accelerate your career and enhance your life.


If your life/work is out of balance, then so is your approach to it. 

Learn to look at life differently and regain your equilibrium.

Goal mapping

Need a change of energy in your organisation?

You can find focus and drive for yourself and your  teams through a goal mapping workshop. Available at your offices or off site.

Not sure which service might be best suited to you? Book a free discovery call with Wendy to find out more about each package. 


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