Personal Transformation

I have been a CEO, and MD, a corporate advisor and strategist, a technologist, all in fast-paced change; I was managing huge challenges in global business – and also raising a family, being the linchpin of the home, doing it all. I understand the weight of the 21st century load, the need to be almost superhuman. That’s why it is so important to make sure you tackle that nagging doubt, that inner saboteur, your subconscious success blockers. As in everything, you want fast results, you don’t have time for years of repetitive reviewing of past issues, you want to change NOW!

I use a special technique developed by a leading famous therapist to bring about fast personal transformation – working with overwhelmed, unfulfilled men and women who are the change-makers of our world.  I help frustrated individuals, like yourself unlock the reasons behind self-sabotage and find the root cause of the unhelpful behaviours.

I provide international award-winning therapy in an independent private practice and/or  on-line video calls offering a safe, confidential welcoming setting to achieve rapid results. I will also travel to client locations if necessary.

I help clients to understand their unwanted actions and emotions by rewiring their mindset to achieve what they want. I ensure that you understand, acknowledge and unpick your outdated belief system and work to create a new paradigm to gain life changing results. Often in just one session with a little easy listening homework!

Addictions, sabotage, relationships, health, money and business blocks, success-related depression, exhaustion/burn-out……………………

We will access your subconscious mind and delve into the programmes that have created your belief system. We then explore why, who, what and replace them with a new dynamic imprint giving you the  freedom to live a guilt free life – in just a few weeks, often much faster.

You may think you already know… Or you might experience something quite profound from your subconscious. It is all safe and we don’t relive trauma, we review it, like watching a tv programme. You are still you, but you have uncovered the reasons and roots of what isn’t working for you anymore, and by doing this you let go of a number of problems. Understanding is power, it frees you to live your life more fully.

It isn’t a magic or quirky “quick fix”, it’s a science! There is ground breaking research that is placing this therapy leaps and bounds above others.

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Personal Transformation services


If your life/work is out of balance, then so is your approach to it. 

Learn to look at life differently and regain your equilibrium.

Goal mapping

Need a change of energy in your organisation?

You can find focus and drive for yourself and your  teams through a goal mapping workshop. Available at your offices or off site.

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