Support to change

Even disrupters need a point of stability. I help organisations create a coherent programme of change, protecting their business model while everything around it is in flux.

Rather than generate theoretical tomes or bring in armies of consultants, I implement change by taking everyone on the journey. Harnessing the internal resources of the client ensures that new ways of working and new attitudes are embedded for the long term. It’s not only good sense; it also provides good value for money.

Communication is a critical success factor for any change programme. I don’t use jargon; I tell it straight, producing reports and summaries of highly complex programmes which communicate clearly at executive level.

Specialties include:

  • New business models within high risk/security environments
  • Shared services operations
  • Outsourcing models and contract structures
  • Mergers and acquisitions integration
  • Technology-driven change
  • Performance turn-arounds and restructures